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5 Best Coloring Books for Your 5 Year Olds

Best Coloring Books for 5 year old’s made by Book list – BookShulf

Are you a parent, a guardian, or just interacting with children? Especially kids from the age of 3 to 5? Then this list can give you an idea of what the appropriate coloring books will be for them.

If you’re also an individual just interested in coloring books, then dive right in, there is no judgement here!


At Number 5, we have Pokemon: Pokemon Creative Coloring: Official. Gotta color ’em all! Hundreds of Pokemon for you to catch and color in this beautiful coloring book. BECOME A TOP POKÉMON TRAINER WITH THIS FANTASTIC COLORING BOOK! This jam-packed book contains over 100 Pokémon for you to color in and make your own. Get creative as you dive into the Pokémon universe.

Gotta color ’em all!


At a bright Number 4, we got Pixel Planet. Simply copy color square by square and the results are amazing! With fun text that introduces everything from crazy characters and cute animals to fearsome dinosaurs and awesome space battles, this brilliant book is packed with pixelated fun!

Its easy …

color …

create …



At a ravishing Number 3, we have Lots of Things to Find and Colour: on Holiday, by Fiona Watt which was published in the year 2011. There are lots of things to look for and colour in this delightful book. The black and white illustrations give lots more colouring opportunities too.


On a very colorful Number 2, we got Pocket Doodling and Colouring Book (Red), by Fiona Watt, published in 2011. A pocket-sized book filled with doodling, drawing and colouring activities for children on the go. It features simple pictures that invite the children to finish the scene, pattern, person or object to make each page a work of art, while giving a scope for creativity and innovation.


And finally, at a very delightful Number 1, we have Christmas Patterns to Colour, by Kirsteen Rogers which was published in 2011. An activity book filled with a variety of Christmas themed patterns to colour in. It includes tips on combining colours and how to make each pattern a work of art.


Now Let’s Get Colouring!


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